Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Floral Wedding at Stamford Grand


my side of our story said...

wow...this are really much was the whole thing?

STEFFI said...

you never fail to impress me with your creations. this seems like your best one ever.

Sarah Chang said...

my side of our story: the prices were based on designs, top cake and stand hire. do email me and i'll be happy to discuss designs and prices :)

steffi: thanks my dear, your comments are always lovely!

Anonymous said...

Sare-bear, I turned on the computer just to show my mum-in-law your beeyootiiffuull creations!

She's SO SO SO impressed. Like meee..=)


Anonymous said...

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Kent Lau said...

Hi Sarah Chang,

I am a friend of Chang HY, got introduce to your site, wonderful cupcake, would like to have a try oneday.