Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day


culinaryprincess said...

You're a legend !!!when i grow up i and have kids one day i hope they'll make cupcakes like tat for me too :D

Ee Laine said...

I've been blessed to be a recipient of one of those lovely cupcake for Mother's Day. It looks too good to eat.
Its sitting in the fridge, I'll slowly enjoy it on my day off work tomorrow.
Thank you so much Sarah.

All at home from TTDI said...

Thanks so much for the lovely cupcakes from across cyberspace.

STEFFI said...

it just gets better and better.

fannie said...

hey sarah...i was so impressed that i shared ur creations w people around me straight away. great skill u've acquired. keep baking! (or are cupcakes made by baking it?? pardon me for my ignorance)

Sarah Chang said...

hi all :)

so sorry for not replying earlier, have not had time to sign in to my own site, hahaha! too many cupcakes and cakes to make, will be posting more pictures shortly.

thank you for the lovely lovely comments, it gives me such great pleasure to play with sugar! fannie, cupcakes are baked and then piled on with all things pretty, hehehee!